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You look the best when you wear the worst

The world sucks, and The Worst Shirts is theĀ first bespoke artisan sustainably farmed apparel company to recognize that. Just look around you, everything is Instagram this, Facebook that, politics everywhere, and there’s always something new to complain about. You’re never going to be able to afford the yacht you just scrolled past. The only private driver you’ll ever get is an Uber. You didn’t make it, you never will. Fake celebrities telling you that you can are just selling their brand. Everything is shallow, vapid, and ultimately pointless, so why waste all the time and effort on looking good?

We’re building a way of life at The Worst Shirts. Our products aren’t going to make your life better, but unlike fancy designer brands, we don’t lie to your face and say that they will. Our products embrace the fact that life sucks, shitty people get out on top, and it’s all ultimately pointless. Stop caring about how the world sees you. You look your best when you wear The Worst. As a kicker, all of our designs are original and all shirts are made of 100% cotton and other comfortable nonsense. At least something will feel good in life.